A great resource for texture drawings...zentangles, supermundane, etc.

See 9 Best Images of Drawing Texture Worksheet. Art Texture Worksheet Art Texture Drawing Examples Visual Textures Drawings Art Texture Worksheets for Kids Texture and Pattern for Zentangles

Fabulous sensory art project for kids with bubble wrap. Ideal for baby sensory and mess-free painting!

Baby Bubble Wrap Art - Sensory Baby & Toddler Activity

Silly sandwich- (Note: great art project when teaching about texture)

Kids Artists: Building sandwiches: Texture, balance and variety were elements students concentrated on as they created this collage of a big sandwich!

Thank you Elmer’s for sponsoring this post. All opinions expressed are my own. Today we’re experimenting with salt, glue, and watercolors to create some colorful ocean art. You’ll only need a few materials to create this project including table salt, liquid watercolors, and Elmer’s School Glue. Elmer’s is my favorite adhesive solution when creating long-lasting crafts and …

Jellyfish Salt Painting Activity For Kids

Salt is such a fun medium for art projects! Make this Jellyfish salt painting! A fun textured art activity for preschoolers, kindergartners and first graders!

An Intro to the Element of Texture in Art with printable

An Intro to the Element of Texture in Art with printable

Making the connection between texture and art ought to be easy. Kids touch everything! This intro to the element texture in art comes with a free printable!

create texture to paint over with masking tape

punk projects: masking tape for texture on art journal page.(I love doing this AND using pattern tissue paper.

Mixed media crumpled tissue technique - tutorial Cool technique to create your own textured canvas

Artangel: Mixed media crumpled tissue technique - tutorial - basically, glue tissue paper over a canvas, let dry. Paint, let dry, then rub pastel or chalk over the surface to highlight the texture. Would be an awesome way to vignette around a painting.

Such a cool art project for kids! Make pictures with yarn instead of paint!

Yarn Painting

Such a cool art project for kids! Cut contact paper to size, everyone creates their own yarn painting and then arranged into collage on wood or canvas with quote beneath?

Elements of Art Texture Hand Out

Another elements of art poster-texture. Signage would allow students to see different ways to draw texture (sometimes a difficult task)

Using Tissue Paper & Gesso For Rocky Textures

Mixed media painting using tissue paper, gesso, watercolors. Stunning result and fun to watch her create.