Need to learn how to say "Thank you" in Korean? This post shares how to say many common phrases in Korean that you may need to learn when traveling there. Save it to your phone so you can study it or pull it out when needed.

Common Phrases in Korean

Learn common phrases in Korean such as hello, goodbye, thank you, please, and more. Great to keep for your trip or move to South Korea.

Korean Saluations

Whether you're traveling to Korea or learning the Korean language, make sure you learn these essential Korean phrases.

Sorry in Korean! Hehe 8) you haven't explained to me what you were going to explain which I don't remember... Haha.

pronoun: mi-an-hae-yo informal: mianhae ~ 미안해 very informal: mian ~ 미안 other ways of saying it: (but these can’t always be used to say sorry and can be used like ‘excuse me’ e.g to get somebody’s attention joesonghamnida ~ 죄송합니다 (formal) joesongiyo ~ 죄송이요

How to Say 'Thank You' in Korean

How to Say 'Thank You' in Korean

I said it accidentally and then people on the other side stay silent for some reason xd

Whenever someone answers the phone in a kdrama I always automatically go "yeoboseyo" with them lol

Audio classes to teach you Korean - very easy! Teaches you one or two words at a time so it's not as difficult as it sounds to learn Korean :)

Talk to Me in Korean has excellent, inexpensive Korean language learning podcasts and other goodies.