1870's Silhouette: back fullness - Bows - Lace - Floral pattern

1870 Dress

Costume for the film ‘The Age of Innocence’ directed by Martin Scorsese. Age of innocence is set in the Victorian era, during the and this costume was worn by Michelle Pfeiffer. The costume it’s self was designed by Gabriella Pescucci.

"The Age of Adaline" staring Blake Lively. Coming out next year(2015) Looks like a good one.

Harrison Ford Knows Blake Lively's Secret in a New Trailer For The Age of Adaline

Watch "The Age of Adaline" trailer and see the poster starring Blake Lively. The film tells the story of a woman, Adaline, who does not age for nearly eight decades.

The Age of Adoline! (2015) Director: Lee Toland Krieger Writers: J. Mills Goodloe (screenplay), Salvador Paskowitz (screenplay), 3 more credits » Stars: Blake Lively, Michiel Huisman, Harrison Ford

The Age of Adaline (2015)

European Exploration Free App - Kids learn history via playing. They also learn budgeting, team building, and vonage planning

FREE App: European Exploration - The Age of Discovery

USEEEE----European Exploration Free App - Kids learn history via playing. They also learn budgeting, team building, and vonage planning

Age of YA Timeline. YA books and the times they're set in.

Infographic: Age of YA.

From ancient times to the decade of grunge, take a trip to the past with this timeline of 140 YA historical fiction novels, curated by the Epic Reads community! Scroll down for the gorgeous graphic and then keep scrolling, scrolling, … Read

Many believe that Christopher Columbus was the first to sail the open ocean and reach the Americas. What it not known are the numerous others who had already sailed the journey West, and those who sailed East. The Chinese once had a great fleet that was much larger than those of Europe, not just in the amount of ships, but the size as well. But with Columbus the world started its age of exploration more extensively.

This Is What A Sailor Would Have Eaten If He Was On Columbus' Ship

Here's an interesting way to teach history--with infographics! A previous pinner writes: "Life was pretty difficult for a sailor in the age of exploration, and every day was filled with hard work, and back breaking labour.

Meet Blake Lively’s Furry Co-stars in The Age of Adaline  #InStyle # cavalierKCS #celebritycavaliers

Meet Blake Lively's Furry Co-stars in The Age of Adaline

Spylight - the first digital closet collection. Spylight curates the most influential fashion in Hollywood - Shop looks worn by your favorite characters from The Age of Adaline. Buy the clothes from The Age of Adaline!

Smartest man who ever lived??  IQ estimated between 250 & 300. Taught himself 8 languages as a child & was eventually conversant ~ 40, invented another & entered Harvard, age 11 (2 yrs later than he wanted). A mathematical as well as linguistic genius and went on to teach classes in geometry and trigonometry in Texas at the age of 17. Sadly he never fulfilled his potential, preferring a lifetime of isolation and privacy. He worked a succession of menial jobs until his death at the age of 46.

William James Sidis, un atormentado joven con una prodigiosa inteligencia

William James Sidis , gifted with an astounding IQ estimated between 250 and the age of he became the youngest student to have ever enrolled at the Harvard University. He graduated cum laude at the age of and entered Harvard Law School at

'The Age of Innocence' by Edith Wharton and 9 other great ideas for your book club (or just personal reading list).

10 Literary Classics Worth Revisiting Now

The Age of Innocence, Edith Wharton One of the most convincing love stories you’ll ever read, set in the stifling world of New York’s high society — and the first novel by a woman to win the Pulitzer prize.

STEM for the Ages. The value of educating students in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. 80 percent of the fastest growing occupations in the United States depend upon mastery of mathematics and scientific knowledge and skills, but students are not currently equipped to satisfy this growing need. On the 2009 program for international student assessment (PISA), the U.S. ranked 24th in math, and 17th in science. 75 percent of all college students are women and students of…

Infographic: The Value of a STEM Education

The Value of STEM Education Infographic highlights the importance of educating students in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields and points out that STEM skills are knowledge for life, not just careers.

How to focus in the age of Distraction /by learningfundamentals #twitter #ADD

How To Focus in The Age of Distraction

In today's digital world of distractions it is difficult sometimes to focus and be productive. The Map of Distractions developed by Learning Fundamentals and Focus by Leo Babauta offer great tips o.

Blake Lively Beauty From The Age Of Adaline

Blake Lively Does 100 Years Of Beauty Looks In The Age Of Adaline

Side swept hair for Ali's wedding Blake Lively - "Age of Adaline" movie still She is so pretty and I love her hair!

30+ Mode des Stars : look du jour et tendance mode de Blake Lively

30+ Mode des Stars : look du jour et tendance mode de Blake Lively

When I watched Blake Lively in this scene of Age of Adaline I could NOT stop staring at this amazing outfit.

Exclusive: The Story Behind Blake Lively's Epic Age of Adaline Costumes

Exclusive: The Story Behind Blake Lively's Epic Age of Adaline Costumes

Exclusive: The Story Behind Blake Lively’s Epic Age of Adaline Costumes - All Dresses - Prom, Cocktail, Evening and Summer Dresses Collections - Fashion Dresses Collections

The History And the Age of The Moors in Spain.  Outstanding art!  Believed to be in the Philadelphia Art Museum.

The History And the Age of The Moors in Spain: How The Moors Civilized Europe - The History of Africa

The Moorish Chief Eduard Charlemont, Austrian, 1848 - 1906 The History of Spain and Africa - The History And the Age of The Moors in Spain: The Moors Civilized Europe.

Already over 1.2m Facebook shares.. Parents are catching on! Posted on March 6th. www.huffingtonpost.com/cris-rowan/10-reasons-why-handheld-devices-should-be-banned_b_4899218.html  TAKE SPECIAL NOTICE OF: 9. Radiation emission... All wireless technology emits microwave radiation. More information: http://www.pinterest.com/ldhem/emf-electromagnetic-fields-wireless-technology-mic/

10 Reasons Why Handheld Devices Should Be Banned for Children Under the Age of 12

11 Reasons Why Children under the Age of 12 Shouldn’t Use Handheld Devices - Creativetips.