The L Word.

Lesbians: Stereotypes Vs Reality

The L Word. <3 xD

When lesbians see a penis

The L Word girls

What Did You Learn From "The L Word"?

Bette & Tina - I cried if they had a fight lol - love them

13 WTF Moments From "The L Word" You're Still Not Over

50 Greatest Lesbian and Bisexual Girl TV Kisses of All Time - Ranked

Kate Moenning / Shane Mccutcheon - The L Word.

The only reason I finished every single episode of The L word, twice :) Katherine Moennig Shane

What Did You Learn From "The L Word" :: Bette Porter is the ULTIMATE power lez!

What Did You Learn From "The L Word"?

The L Word....baaahaaahaa

20 Things Lesbians Are Tired Of Hearing. Numbers 3 and 19 though, seriously. Awesome quotes from my favorite lesbian characters too!

Kate Moennig Pics with Sarah | Sarah Shahi and Kate Moennig

Kate Moennig never disappoints. And what is a better fashion accessory than Sarah Shahi?

Fashion From 'The L Word' and Why These Women Are Still So Important 5 Years After the Finale

Fashion Lessons From Your Fave 'The L Word' Stars

What's going on this season 4 on The L Word? Here are the latest recaps of the L Word. Have a chance to read my opinions of the show and add your thoughts and comments about The L Word Season