Love the acting, Love the Songs and Love the Film ! And I'm not to fond of Musicals but this one makes the list !

76 trombones in the big parade. Robert Preston and Shirley Jones making music together. Little Rpnnie Howard too

Shirley Jones and Robert Preston in The Music Man.  (I know this is from the movie not the Broadway show - good picture though.)

The Music Man: Shirley Jones & Robert Preston. A cute musical, even if the ending kind of stinks (in my opinion)

“Marion the Librarian” from The Music Man  16 Great Library Scenes in Film

16 Great Library Scenes in Film

16 Great Library Scenes in Film. "the music man" library scene.

Hugh Jackman sings the music man-That was AWESOME!!

Hugh Jackman sings "The Music Man" on Jay Leno's Television show. This is the song that Hugh Jackman sang for an audition - all eight parts of the song. - Music Man Zaneeta dress, $135.00 (

Music Man Zaneeta dress

Music Man dress, theatrical costume, Oklahoma dress, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers dress

Valentine The Beatles Typography Art Red & White Til by colorbee, $20.00>>> The Beatles did a cover of this song *TIL THERE WAS YOU*  . It was from the the musical entitled The Music Man

The Beatles.This pinner must be very young! This was written in 1957 for the Broadway musical The Music Man. It was written by songwriter Meredith Willson. But I LOVE the song, and the Beatles rendition.

Trouble in River City: Melania isn't the only plagiarist in the Trump family. Donald took his scripts straight from Robert Preston's 'The Music Man'. And rubes continue to fall for the message....

Kids, Pants, Booze, Music: Trouble In River City And Always

Musicals: The Music Man "Ya Got Trouble", Meredith Willson's "The Music Man" Robert Preston Shirley Jones 1962

Silhouettes: Broadway Musicals Quiz - By Perspektive

Silhouettes: Broadway Musicals Quiz - By Perspektive The quiz is messed up somehow. I got all of them right and it marked me down for fiddler and west side story 🙃

This blog series has been quite fun. Another couple I love is Harold Hill and Marian. These two are the couple from Music Man. What this couple does is add an emotional element to the show. Because…

Couple in River City

The Music Man Shirley Jones "Till There Was You". She's my favorite version, singing and acting wise. Though I hate the big bow in her hair.

Jekyll and Hyde. Joseph. Phantom. Those are pretty much memorized xD

Every time! Theatre kid problems - thespian peacock - director can hear you whisper back/ offstage but can't hear you projecting on stage

Shirley Jones and Robert Preston in Music Man. I love this musical.  Lots of interesting undercurrents in the plot, plus it's the only musical that has barbershop quartets for many of the songs. Great costumes, too.

Marian Paroo (Shirley Jones) and "Professor" Harold Hill (Robert Preston) in "The Music Man"

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Meredith Willson's The Music Man