(Jade) Guys. I'm calling a meeting tonight away from the scientists. I'm asking for people to group up and send one representative to the meeting so that we won't draw too much attention. This needs to be kept quiet.

Arrow Season 3 Photos

Willa Holland -

In the “Arrow” episode “Restoration,” a character named Double Down can bring…

Arrow 3x15 - Thea Queen - Willa Holland

Arrow Season 3 Photos

Thea Queen went through some incredible change in Arrow Season now Willa Holland has spoken about what Season 4 might hold!

#Arrow - Oliver, Felicity & Thea #Season4 #4x14

Oh Oliver XD Felicity XD Thea is the only one with a brain in this scene XD

This is the Flarrow interaction I've always needed in my life. Thea & Cisco #TheFlash 2x08 #Arrow

"I think you're just mad cause my conditioner game is on point" - Cisco and Thea ((This is the interaction I've always needed in my life, hahaha))

I can live with being Thea at least before she started her little temper tantrums

Which 'Arrow' Character Are You?

The Thea Queen/ Willa Holland thread - Page 31 - The SuperHeroHype Forums

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