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Phil Lynott - lead singer and bassist for Irish rock band Thin Lizzy.

PHIL LYNOTT ....... Thin Lizzy..... 8/20/1949 -- 1/4/1986 .....born in Staffordshire , England ...was raised in Dublin ... Ireland

Philomena Lynott tells of the second son and daughter she gave up for adoption - and why she kept them secret for 50 years

Philip Parris Lynott was the principal songwriter, lead vocalist and bassist of Thin Lizzy, one of the greatest rock bands of the

Thin Lizzy - Jailbreak

The 50 greatest rock albums ever

Alfie Gallagher - Illustration and Stuff: Things I Love 001 - Jim Fitzpatrick - Thin Lizzy artwork

Phil Lynott with Rory Gallagher My two favourite people right much better than all the modern crap!!

The only known shot of Rory Gallagher and Phil Lynott performing together. Twenty eight years ago. (Colm Henry) Artist Rediscovers Photos Thought Lost To Time (Ken Sweeney, Irish Independent)

Thin Lizzy's sharp, stylish letters could be classed as similar to Iron Maiden's rock-out gem, the hard-rock sound was equally similar, let's just assume than Thin Lizzy got there first. One of the most timeless logos it remains cool to this day. Amazing how most bands that can blow a few amps can blow a few minds with their symbols.

Thin Lizzy are an Irish rock band formed in Dublin in The sharp, stylish letters are very eye catching, and really give that hard-rock.

Scott Gorham and Brian Robertson, the great "twin guitar" sound behind Thin Lizzy buzzsaw pyrotechnics.

Scott Gorham and Brian Robertson, the great "twin guitar" sound behind Thin Lizzy