"Evidently there will be a line." <--- Awww. :'( This was funny in the movie, but now that I think about it, I feel he was actually saddened that all of his friends told him to his face they would kill him. He knows he's lost their trust and friendship.<--- congratulations! You just made me even more sad!!

Thor lots of scenes I care nothing about filling up time between awesome Loki sass. << Loki sass is what I live for.

Thor: The Dark World

Behold! Thor: The Dark World Poster With Heroes And Villains

Tom Hiddleston (Loki in Marvel's "Thor: The Dark World") plays some word association games with Agent M! Don't miss "Thor: The Dark World" on Digital and Digital HD February 4 and on Blu-ray Blu-ray and DVD February Pre-order "Thor: The .

Thor 2 - The Reunion by Tenshi-no-Hikari.deviantart.com on @deviantART

In Thor 2 Jane officially approves of Thorki! (lol, j/k) This is my version of their meeting scene in Thor 2 I've already had this comic half finished w. Thor 2 - The Reunion

not the hair!!!!! (at first glance i thought that this was a nerdgirl cartoon with cosplay or something... i thought the cartoon of loki was a girl...

Thor 2 - Worst Threat by Tenshi-no-Hikari on DeviantArt

Jane Foster taking on Thor, then Loki, then Malekith and then the Throne of Asgard. Pretty sure this was how her plot arc went in Thor 2, right?

I'd shown this picture to my father and he was like: the fuk? That's Thor's girlfriend beating everyone and Loki dressing up like Leia! This is the apocalypse!


Omg Darcy has a Pingu poster

Darcy and Jane (Thor Darcy has a Loki bear and a Captain America poster that says "American Booty"!it has a TARDIS POSTER!

Chris Hemsworth. Thor 2. Beautiful. The cloak that is. Sat through the entire movie thinking "I want one"

Rhaegar Targaryen by Feliche. "Many a night she had watched Prince Rhaegar in…

Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth as Leif Erikson, would also be really funny since he plays Thor, and before Leif becomes a Christian he worships Thor.

Yes Loki we're very proud go and break out hearts into a million pieces and we'll still kneel for you

Odin and Loki bring the awesome in new Thor 2 posters

Thor: The Dark World Loki Character Poster. Now having seen the movie, I'm wondering if the title should have been called The God of Mischief Rises ala The Dark Knight Rises.

Thor 2 in a nutshell

Marvel in a Nutshell: Thor: The Dark World. The only thing Odin cares about is shipping, Jane Foster contemplates science, Thor has a plan, and Loki is just trying to get people to lighten up.