This is a blog where I sketch all sorts of cats to meet my daily drawing goals. Having a single subject matter forces me to explore new designs and experiment. Expect to see a wide range of doodles ranging from 5 minute pencil scratchings to full illustrations. Just whatever I can get done in a day! Enjoy!

Daily Cat Drawings: Stripey Babies Making up for the last few days with some quick tigers.

Tigre Blanc

Tigre Blanc Kind of want something similar to this but with a husky instead of a tiger

Tangled Tiger by nakanoart on DeviantArt

Tangled Tiger by nakanoart # illustration paper texture color red character design female girl tiger

Live Loud by Nathan Yoder

Sevenly T-shirts.The concept behind this piece uses a roaring tiger as the imagery to encourage us to be outspoken for those who can't voice their needs. Live loud for autism.