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Awesome Infographic for World Cat Day: All About Tigers  The tiger (Panthera tigris) is the largest member of the Felidae family. Best known for its striking reddish-orange coat covered with dark stripes, the big cat shows up in mythology and folklore, on coats of arms and even as mascots for sports teams. Here are some facts and stats about one of the world’s most recognizable and beloved megafauna.

Siberian Tiger Quest

There are 6 tiger subspecies, 3 of them have been extincted in the last 80 years Wild tigers are found in in 13 countries, in which 11 countries face tiger extinction Tigers are no longer found in of their historic range.

Tiger facts for kids. This beautiful but deadly animal is endangered and badly needs our help.

Tigers Facts For Kids & Adults. Pictures, Video, In-Depth Information

Tiger facts, pictures, video & in-depth information for kids & adults. Tigers are the largest member of the cat family. They live in Asia & are endangered.

Siberian Tiger Facts For Kids - Siberian Tiger Habitat & Diet

This article illustrates some of the most amazing Siberian Tiger facts for kids about its physical appearance, habitat, reproduciton and diet.

Tiger Facts For Kids - Interesting Facts About Tigers For Kids

Tiger Facts For Kids - Interesting Facts About Tigers For Kids

Bengal Tiger Facts for Kids

What Is the Most Common Type of Tiger?

Facts about tigers - Tiger Zoo Predator Animal

Tigers are remarkable swimmers. Learn about tiger's diet, habitat, hunting style, interesting facts with pictures and videos.

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This photo shows a big white tiger as it rests on the ground. The images centers on the white tigers cute face.