Tina Turner with familly at home: her son Ronny Turner, son's wife Afida, son Craig, Tina

Did she genuinely love Ike? Did she date anyone after she divorced him? Spill her tea.

Tina Turner and she and Ike's son, Ronnie Turner

Tina Turner & Son, Ronnie Turner Turns 50 Today - The Belgian Tina Turner Fansite

Ike & Tina With Their Son & Step-Sons  Tumblr

Ike Tina Turner pose for a portrait with their son and stepsons in circa 1972 Clockwise from bottom left Michael Turner Ike Turner Jr Ike Turner.

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And the Bride wore black, too. Edwin Bach weds Tina Turner in a surprise celebrity wedding. He courted her 27 years.

Tina Turner

Tina Turner

Tina Turner - In 1984 my 5 year old son was captivated while watching Tina's, 'What's Love Got To Do With It' video. Never taking his eyes off the screen he asks, "mom what would you say if I married Tina Turner?" I told him, "son I'd say your marrying one hell of a woman!" Since then I've seen her perform a few times...She's a goddess!

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People – A la recherche d’un mec, elle se fait tacler sur le Net -