making color crayon display for kindergarten class | Okay, I lied...I think this is actually my favorite bulletin board in ...

Some Classroom Photos

Miss Kindergarten: Classroom Setup.AWESOME weather chart at end AND neat first day photo/Miss Bindergarten project nice and neat colors!

Or turn them into a pom pom tree for a woodland-themed reading area. | 36 Clever DIY Ways To Decorate Your Classroom

Classroom decorating ideas-love all of them! turn them into a pom-pom tree for a woodland-themed reading area.

Rainbow Child Care: Leo, Indiana, Preschool Classroom Rules

I like this as a way to remind children of rules because it's their pictures so it's relevant to them and also, so we don't have to verbally go over and over it. a subtle reminder.

Great way to do colors in my classroom! So cute for the art center!!! I wish we could hang things from the ceiling!

I love this as a way to display colors in my classroom. We can't hang things from the ceiling so I'm trying to think of how we could display it.

Cute idea to answer all the "when is...." ? Questions

Clutter-Free Classroom: Clock Schedule Display Kids who are working on telling time, they can refer to the little clocks as a guide for the BIG clock!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar - Adorable classroom decor (from the ceiling or wall) that you could make with our paper lanterns!

MIGHT USE THIS IDEA - Very Hungry Caterpillar Mobile. Hang lanterns red, 6 in two shades of green) with different lengths of fishing line. Use pipe cleaners for antennae, and construction paper for eyes and nose. Very cool in a children's library space.

displaying family pictures in preschool classroom - Google Search

I like this as a way of displaying family pictures too! If you still wanted to do the traditional family tree, you could always use this idea for displaying pictures taken in the classroom and pictures with friends - their "classroom family"