A Guide to Tom Hardy’s Tattoos

A Guide to Tom Hardy's Tattoos

Tom Hardy....My husband's new favorite actor!  He was fab in Rise of the Dark Night and Lawless!

Just re-watched the movie This Means War and Tom Hardy is one fine looking guy ;

Tom Hardy - just saw Lawless. What a hard job he had. He had to lay in a bed and let a naked woman undress him and make-out with him. Things actors do for their craft. What a trooper.

Tom at LA Premiere of Inception beautiful boy.Wallpaper and background photos of Tom at LA Premiere of Inception beautiful boy. for fans of Tom Hardy images.

Im pretty sure I've pinned this one of my main squeeze before...but what the hell?!

Tom Hardy's collarbone & trapezius tats are rad.among other things. Still trying to persuade Phil to get one.

tom hardy in vancouver... can never get tired of this pic. never.

Tom Hardy Photos Photos: Tom Hardy in Vancouver

I could do without the mountain man beard, but he's with his dog, so there you go. [Tom Hardy]

I don't have an 'eye candy' board, but . um, yes. // Tom Hardy with his dog Woodstock for Vogue UK, June 2012 Photographed by Alasdair McLellan

The most explosive actor of his generation has a new TV show, a new baby and a new outlook on life

Tom Hardy Blows Up

To all women (or men) everywhere, CLICK and savor this experience and you're welcome.

We Demand Audio of Tom Hardy Ranting About Trousers for 8 Minutes