Tombo’s Lovable Short Pixie Hairstyle

there is nothing better, simpler, or more chic than a well-styled pixie. particularly when you keep those eyebrows dark and lips darker. Smalldridge what if I got my hair cut like this :)

I love the hair color and the style a bit.

Hello it's me I forgot how to selfie but my hair is blue/green lefabulouskilljoy

Not a fan of the jeans, but I dig the overall look.                                                                                                                                                      More

so…we basically want everything from the MANGO spring lookbook

This pocket square blazer by Mango is an instantly dress up with its stretch coton blazer style.

Can I please look like a female Asian Oliver for the rest of my life, pls? #CriedWolves

Hey im Bandit.I love comics and i get bullied for being me. I have an older brother called James. Im more Punk but team Emo works.

Gianna Marie-Neuman                                                                                                                                                     More

Beautiful Short Bob Hairstyles And Haircuts With Bangs

Leather bracelet, T-shirt, blue hair.

Combine Jewelry With Clothing - Leather bracelet, T-shirt, blue hair. - The jewels are essential to finish our looks. Discover the best tricks to combine jewelry with your favorite items

a bit curly/ wave and yeah short with undercut. lezzie tomboy dyke andro

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Even something like this. Ugh I used to have hair like this and loved it, but. Meh I dunno. decisions.

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