Spiral clouds in Southern Georgia.

clouds in the sky above Grytviken, South Georgia island, at the cold edge of Southern Atlantic Ocean (off the eastern tip of South America, in the Sandwich Islands)

Intensity-Holy Cow! What did you do in your past life for this to come after you.

Epic Supercell Thunderstorm clouds in Kansas - from photographer Camille Seaman

Epic supercell thunderstorm clouds in Kansas from photographer Camille Seaman. - I see this and think, God help that farmer! Silos right underneath that thing! Check out the website to see

June 20, 2011 Bradshaw Nebraska Tornado

This is the kind we can& control. However one man was able to control the weather and calm the storms. He did so to show what He would do as King of God& Kingdom government. (Jesus calmed the Sea).

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10 Most Fascinating Natural Phenomena

disquieting - foreboding - inimical - ominous - menacing - threatening - sinister - baleful - portentous - pernicious   >   Stunningly beautiful!

A Distant Sea Storm

I am a TOTAL weather nerd. So I've combined two of my fav things.weather and Italy! Water Spout, Liguria, Italy photo via besttravelphotos