This is a classic Polish cookie that my mom and Bushia used to make at Christmas time.  Ive found that this is a really hard dough to work with, but it is from the original Polish recipe translated into English.  These are not really sweet cookies, but they get most of their sweetness from the powdered sugar on the outside.

Polish Angel Wings-Chrusciki

Poppy Seed wrap (roll)                                                                                                                                                     More

Poppy Seed Rolls: Makowiec

DIY: Wine Glasses #diy #followfashion

diy wijnglazen Translate to English

Polish potato pancakes with zucchini...the page is in Polish but can be translated to English

Ragg Munkar is not only Swedish dish. It is also popular in other countries such as Poland. I love Polish woolen monkswhich, unlike the Swedish consists of small grated potatoes mixed with a batter o (Swedish Pancake Easy)

Gingerbread Christmas Tree #splendidholida

Gingerbread-Cookie Trees

Gingerbread Christmas Tree-Christmas Cookies Recipes - add some MM's, colored sugar.possibilities are endless - what fun for the kids and much easier than a gingerbread house ;D amazing Christmas dinner Santa Claus some food 4 reindeer too food

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Frivolous Fabulous - Lemon Meringues with Lemon Creme

Lemon meringue kisses

Lemon filled meringue cookies (recipe in Polish, English version available as text only) (via Cytrynowe bezy)

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