Tropical fruits

Tropical Fruits. Not sure about breadfruit being included in here (since we use it like a savoury mostly) though technically it's probably a fruit.

Some of the fruits grown in Hawai'i. There is clearly a variety of fruits that Hawai'i has an abundance of.

Pick this tropical fruit to smooth your skin, get rid of bloating, and help sinus problems. |

Papaya Power

Ha was growing a papaya tree because they are her favorite fruit. But when they had to leave Vietnam her papaya tree was left behind and she was sad

Step 4:The guava has a is a dark green or yellow if its ripe. Has a pale pink center, the seeds are tightly embedded in the flesh. The skin is thick, firm and sweet.

31 Amazing Benefits Of Guava (Amrood) For Skin, Hair, And Health

Enjoy a sweet summer with these ten tropical fruits and treat yourself to something a little different.

falconcara: “ Wishing it was Summer so I could eat endless pretty fruit platters 🍒🍌🍓🍇🍉 ”

Tropical Fruit Poster

I have seen a poster that shows the fruits of the big Island and it really is a lot of fruits. I just wanted to ask residents of Hawaii if the Big Island really has that many fruits.

Custard Apple    Custard Apple    The custard-apple, also called bullock’s heart or bull’s heart, is the fruit of the tree Annona reticulata. This tree is a small deciduous or semi-evergreen tree sometimes reaching 10 metres (33 ft) tall and a native of the tropical New World that prefers low elevations, and a warm, humid climate. It is cultivated in many tropical countries, and also occurs as feral populations in many parts of the world including Southeast Asia, Taiwan, India, Australia…

Unusual fruit - Custard apple also known as Cheremoya - known to fight cancer, leaves can be made into a tea.

Mangosteen, tropical fruit from Southeast Asia.  Flesh is milky white, and very sweet!

Mangosteen - always eaten with durian. Durian is said to be 'heaty' and mangosteen is said to 'cooling'. Is that why mangosteen is often called the Queen of Fruit?