To cart lumber atop your vehicle, the trucker's hitch is the knot to know. | Illustration: Steve Sanford |

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To cart lumber atop your vehicle or to secure a load, the trucker's hitch is the knot to know.

Great website with animation to show how to tie a number of different knots with rope or fishing line.

Truckers Hitch - How to tie a Trucker's Hitch: Netknots, many knots, great…

truckers knot

Ropers Knot Page - The Frequently Asked Knots

How to tie a truckers knot

This video is part of a series designed for SSFC Fish and Wildlife students before attending their Introduction to Fisheries Management Fall Fisheries Camp.

Erickson 15-ft. 5,000-lb. Tow Strap at Cabela's

Trac-Grabber Traction Device

Erickson Tow Strap at Cabela's

▶ Tie the Trucker's Knot - YouTube

Tie the Trucker's Knot

slippery Trucker's Hitch. One of my favorite go-to utility knots.

Some knot tips for cruisers: Add a well-placed slippery hitch to ensure that your knots come undone when you want them to.

Trucker's Hitch, THE Most Awesome Knot on the Planet!: 5 Steps (with Pictures)

Trucker's Hitch, THE Most Awesome Knot on the Planet!

Yes I know that there are plenty of other cool knots out there . many of which I literally couldn't live w/o . I rock climb. However, this knot is unlike any.

Camping, Bushcraft Knot How To Tie The Exploding Farimond Friction Hitch - YouTube

4 useful knots that you can use to set up any tarp. Poncho& http:& --------------------------------------------------------------- ►► SO.

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