Don't be fooled be the way the present themselves

Top 30 Trust Quotes

Looking for Life Quotes, Quotes about moving on, Once you have really hurt someone, it will always be in the back of their mind even if they still have the smile on their face

A single lie discovered is enough to create doubt in every truth expressed. For more quotes and inspirations:

A single lie discovered is enough to create doubt in...

Top 30 Trust Quotes #quotation

Top 30 Trust Quotes

One of the worst feelings in the world is having to doubt something that you thought was unquestionable.while hard it is a powerful way to learn

I am quick at forgiving. But I feel no need to trust them again. And that is what hurts.

I can forgive but I won't forget.Trusting again is hard because if they truly loved you they would never hurt you or cause you to doubt them.Its doubt and no trust that kills relationships.


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Pistanthrophobia, the fear of trusting someone. The sea is full of men but my heart won't trust  again!!!

pistanthrophobia: fear of trusting someone. (i am "pist" that a human caused me fear?

Maybe when someone asks you to prove something for their trust, you should see it as pleading and begging for you to give them simply that trust they once had... Instead of vile excuses

Once you have shown you can't be trusted, you will never be trusted by me again. Breaking someone`s trust is like crumpling up a perfect piece of paper. You can smooth it over but it`s never going to be the same again.

You will still have the glowing profiles though, so no worries. Top 30 Trust Quotes

Top 30 Trust Quotes

Breakups are hard for everyone. We have gathered 15 sad breakup quotes to let you know you are not alone in your feelings. Hope you can relate to these 15 sad breakup quotes.

Top 30 Trust Quotes #Trust quotes

Top 30 Trust Quotes

So so so super true. The one commitment I made to myself this year; more fuck yeah and less fuck this. Want somebody who wants me & my life! No half assing it

A #lifequotes by the.wistful.writer #qotd #qoutes She didn't want anymore heartbreak and betrayal. She had this fear of trusting people because she knew that every time she trusted someone they decided to use her like a plastic cup. Keep her till she is of use and then crush her and throw her away carelessly. That was what these twenty six years of her life constituted of. She wasn't afraid of what was to come but she was afraid what would repeat itself. She hated her history and she didn't…

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