Dressing the Tudor Lady Dressing, at least for the upper class was very complicated and often required several ladies in waiting/maids to help dress the women. The lower class was just more 'lets hope this is warm enough for today'

Change the sleeves and this is the basic dress.  Note the white band around the neck.  Like?

RESERVED for Mandee childs Custom made to measure Tudor medieval anne bolyne gothic medieval gown and gold medieval male tunic and breechesi

BBC banned from filming Henry VIII letter in Vatican because of risque reference to breasts

3 Part Docudrama with Lauren McQueen as Katherine Howard in 'Six Wives with Lucy Worsley'

Lovely re-creation of an early Tudor gown, ala Mistress Anne Boleyn. I would love to get to try on a full Tudor gown with all the trimmings one day!

love the color Purple Tudor style gown. Excellent fabric and trim choices. Obviously, she also took the time to use proper support garments as well so that the whole dress hangs right!

Tudor Children, Beautifully handmade costumes featuring replica fabrics and trimmings are displayed with the sixteenth and seventeenth century portraits

A lady in Tudor times held the kokoshnik-like French hood in place by a ribbon tied under her chin. Anne Boleyn imported this style from the French court, where she obtained her sense of style. As she had beautiful long bl

Elie Saab's stunning space age bride is the star of the show on another theatrical day at Paris Couture Fashion Week

Fashion Inspiration for Worlds: Ladies. Sorbier's heavy ruffled, flounced and furbelowed frocks were in stark contrast to his jackets which resembled Tudor doublets