Sure is ... so accept it and move on - 3 years later

I believe that life is always gonna go through some changes and things aren't gonna forever stay the same it really is the way life works. Tupacs quote is the truth.

Looks like he's crying a Tupac tear

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Tupac Quote

A lot better off in life, americas decline is its citizens and how we treat one another. Not politicians. Its the truth

Footage taken from Tupac: Resurrection; edited by me.  R.I.P. Tupac.

"Tupac: Resurrection" (documentary) (Director: Lauren Lazin) My Rating: out of 5 stars

Leave the light on when it's dark. Wake up to the sun. Like Earth and Son, both belong revolved around the stars.  If one day ends, give the next one a new start. Smile, as Eternity will live on. Close to you and for generations to come!!!

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Remembering A Legend: 15 Year Anniversary TUPAC SHAKUR

This couldn't be more true. Moving on is never easy and people in general don't like change but sometimes stepping over the mess is better for your soul then trying to clean it up

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Let's all take a moment and remember the mastery of Tupac shall we?

Tupac-Changes--> listen to his words and u may hear the message of stopping racial hate an learn. If ya don't like the fact I like RAP & COUNTRy music then u just don't get me.

You've been hurt before and know the darkness. You also know how to seek out the light side of love.

Darkness doesn't determine who you are; Everyone faces adversity. It might shape you, change you, and even bend you; but you'll always come out of the fire shining even brighter than before.