Even though this is a perfect set-up, I've had turtles, and unless you have a VERY EXPENSIVE filtering set-up or someone to clean it for you, it is very hard and a lot of work to keep the water clean!  I had to change my turtles water almost every other day.  I finally found a nice family with an with an outdoor pond. He is very happy there chasing gold fish!   15 Coolest Houses You Wish Your Pet Had | FREEYORK

15 Coolest Houses You Wish Your Pet Had

Sulcata Tortoise Enclosure Tortoise enclosure! sulcata

Sulcata tortoise pen outside ---I'd be worried about digging under house. Maybe away from house and door in and out for when too big to lift

I love the river rock wall. Seems easy to make with just a little silicone.

especially the rock wall. would be great for snakes, turtles, frogs, even birds if it can be changed up a bit.

Pet turtle...  diy Tortoise Habitat from a kiddie  pool!

Turtle Topper Above Tank Basking Platform & Dock

tortoise table | She's loving the stairs! I think I need to get a UV strip light for ...

tortoise table/ I think it's a great set up and the tortoises would sure love that lamp and those stairs

Make a tortoise enclosure in a dog crate! #DIY - PetDIYs.com

Use a dog crate to enclose your tortoise's habitat! Get a dog crate that is the ideal size for your tortoise. If possible, arrange the crate so that the door is on the top. Line the bottom of the crat

A real turtle in his own habitat: mini garden style. So sweet!!!

Turtle Envy: Melanie’s Miniature Garden

How to Keep Turtle Tanks Clear

How to Keep Turtle Tanks Clear

Baby turtles grow up to be a lot larger than what you think so. make sure your ready to have a cage ready.