Create a poster using nothing but type and use a variety of fonts, type sizes, and type colors to create unity, variety and emphasis.

Three column grid that is well done and very inspiring. I also like the fact about how its also an artwork. Difference with others is that it is not meant to be read.

"Time Changes Everything" by Daku // mural art // installation // typography art // type art

Innovative Installation Casts Shadows Like a Sundial to Create Moving Messages

Indian artist Daku's clever art installation Time Changes Everything is an innovative twist on mural art. Time lapse this!

Viber | Sticker pack on Behance This is a cool design: using type art and giving it a sticker feel.

When all the coolest slang words meet up in one pack.Sticker pack for Viber. Available on Viber's sticker market. Commissioned by Sensitive Brands agency.

20 Amazing Examples of Typography Art - My Modern Metropolis

20 Amazing Examples of Typography Art

Illustrator Tutorial: Create Art Deco type art

Adobe Illustrator tutorial: Create Art Deco type art - Digital Arts This is a gorgeous work. Estimates 8 hours to complete, but I can imagine it would teach me a lot.

Illustrator Tutorials: 26 Amazing Tutorials to Learn Digital Illustration

Radim Malinic has a recipe for success to help you create great type art using Illustrator’s little-used Blending tool

Photoshop tutorial: Create 3D type art using Photoshop CS5 - Digital Arts via

Photoshop tutorial: Create type art using Photoshop Nik Ainley talks you through the process of creating a poster using Photoshop’s incredible new extrusion tool.

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Watercolor Soft Brush Pens 20 Piece Set

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Line Type Art Worksheets - Organic and Geometric Lines, Contour Lines

Elements of Art Worksheets & Mini Lessons - Element of Line

All letters are custom made (no fonts used). By Type and Graphics Lab

100 Days of Lettering: Part 3

All letters are custom made (no fonts used). By Type and Graphics Lab