For sure gives ya a opportunity to learn a person before making a long term relationship to see how close you 2 match

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Isn't it strange how you first looked at someone and took no notice of and now they mean the world to you. To unexpected friendships x

When you find people who not only tolerate your quirks but celebrate them with cries of "ME TOO!" be sure to cherish them. Because those weirdos are your tribe.

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I believe that my dearest friends from all over would get along if they met each other. We are all part of the same crazy weirdo tribe and attract each other and connect right away!

10 Inspirational Love Quotes for Long Distance Relationships

10 Inspirational Love Quotes for Long Distance Relationships

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If you find someone who makes you smiles, checks up on you,. Keep them close and don't take them for granted. People like that are hard to find. LOVE AND FRIENDSHIP.

The unexpected web of fate.

Friendship is weird. You pick a human you've met and you're like, "Yup I like this one," and you just do stuff with them.

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We came into each others lives just at the right time, unexpectedly because as it were, we were meant to be. We fell in love so fast we didn't even realise now we are married and everyday since then has been nothing more or less than living that love xxx

I found you. I've look in different places and different people then realized you were not far away. You love like I do. You help bring me closer to God. Your time never fails.

Phone Wallpaper Ideas: I'm not afraid to say it.I've never loved someone this much. You've opened my eyes, Stefan, by opening your heart to me

If I found sticky notes like this, I would die!! This is so cute!! Now all I need to do is find a guy

When we first met I honestly had no idea that. - Love Quotes Plus