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Unity in Diversity - That's been the GFWC Motto for well over a century.  Membership is open to women of all ages and interests!

The below resource links highlight some of the educational resources for Hispanic Heritage Month. This observance occurs every October and celebrates some of the Hispanic contributions to United S…

Teach children about unity in diversity with these children's books about friendship around the world.

Children's Books About Friendship Around the World

Teach children about unity in diversity with these children's books about friendship around the world.How friendships shape children.

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Funtunfunefu Denkyemfunefu (Siamese Crocodiles) - Symbol of democracy and Unity. The Siamese crocodiles share one stomach, yet they fight over food.

There can only be unity in diversity when we are all willing to tow the line!

Unity in diversity long essay Unity in Diversity: (Short Essay) We would have heard the statement “Unity in Diversity” in many places. Beyond differences staying united.

Personal Identity- What makes us who we are? Culture, ethnicity, beliefs, society, family, peers, the media??

Racism Is More Than A Race Issue, It Is Economic

This could be a neat project to do with kids and could be branched into so many different ways. Have kids trace their hands and decorate them in ways that represent themselves. So much cultural diversity can come from this project. It would be a project to do at the beginning of the year. This could be in phase 3.

Cool beginning of the year project. We've got the whole world in our hands. Big hand for . Many hands make light work .

Unity in Diversity: A Laminated Poster Set

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.they say opposites attract for a reason....never settle for someone that you have too much in common with, that you see all the time simply because you're sick of being alone or sick of looking for your perfect match...they are out there and if you settle before you meet them, then you will be stuck with a serious dilemma

"Strength lies in differences, not in similarities" . All Toronto Public Library staff are attending Diversity Training so this seems timely and true as well.

Unity in Diversity, -- always assume that all people are of value, unless their behaviour proves otherwise. -- reminds me of the fable about the elephant and the mouse.

6 ) Diversity - Diversity: Different Individuals Valuing Each Other Regardless Of Skin Colour, Intellect, Talent Or Years (Age)

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