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Photo by YetAphoto cosplay by tophwei Original Toph Bei Fong from Avatar The last airbender Toph - Winter Earth Bending

My favourite line from Avatar

I think it's sad that Iroh and Ursa never really gave Azula a chance. They always chose Zuko.<<<<first of all don't ever disrespect my son like that second of all I somewhat agree azula needed more love

Azula & Ursa - Avatar:The Last Airbender

Azula's Breakdown by ~LaGelian on deviantART~ this is incredible. Azula really is such a dynamic character, in my opinion much better than the actual fire lord. Because Azula is everything. She is what Zuko could've been, and what he decided not to be.

Official Avatar Family Trees!

Avatar the Last Airbender family tree<<No. If this was A:TLA, Kataras family tree would be bigger. This is the Avatar: Legend of Korra family tree.

“ Mother and Daughter _ Ursa x Azula by Happy mother’s day. (sorry for made such a sad picture) But my emtion is really~ I don’t know what has happened between Azula and Ursa,.