great animal learning activity sheets... like circle beginning sound of animal in picture; write name of animal in category (fish, mammal, etc.); what is an amphibian?

Amphibian Classification Worksheet: Look at all the animal pictures. Circle the pictures that show amphibians. Information: Classifying Worksheet.

Invertebrates & Vertebrates Graphic Organizer

Invertebrates & Vertebrates Graphic Organizer

Great graphic organizer for studying invertebrates and vertebrates. Can use this as a study guide, quiz, or assessment.

Animal Classification Comparison Chart

Animal Classification Comparison Chart for First or Second Grade

Printable classification worksheets

Animal Classification Activity Worksheets

Animal Classification - a little hard for but might be a fun challenge for groups vs groups - especially since the pictures help reveal the answers

Animal Classification pack - includes posters, game, centers, and printables.

Animal Classification: Vertebrates and Invertebrates

FREE Animal Classification Cut and Paste Pages for Vertebrates - This Reading Mama

Animal Classification Cut & Paste Pages {for Vertebrates

5 for 5: Free Printable Vertebrates Card Game

5 for 5: Free Printable Vertebrates Card Game (Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational)