The Victorian Bulldog is loyal and reliable with a typical bulldog personality. Although its appearance can be somewhat intimidating, it is among the gentlest of dogs.

A wide, thick bodied, big bellied, brindle and white Victorian Bulldog is sleeping across a wooden step. The dog has a very big head, a black nose and small eyes.

Image detail for -Victorian Bulldog

Image detail for -Victorian Bulldog. Bigger than a English but smaller than an American bulldog :) he looks intimidating

Juma the bulldog gives birth to 14 cute puppies and is very happy

Juma the bulldog is so proud after giving birth to 14 puppies

Three-year-old Juma the Victorian bulldog gave her owners a massive surprise on Sunday when she gave birth to a record fourteen puppies. That’s three times the normal number of puppies seen in a litter, FYI.

Victorian Bulldog...this is what the bulldog is supposed to look like. I love this breed and would love to own one. Too bad they only breed them in Great Britain.

My new puppy "Wee Bobbit"! Viscount Mistlethwaite is such a dear. I may have to let him accompany me for an evening out.

Victorian Bulldog

Victorian Bulldog - a lovely specimen. I'm a bulldog lover but much prefer this style over the English bulldog.

victorian bulldog puppies

Bailey's Victorian Bulldog Puppies from Past Litters.