Viking kostuum jurk en schort Ingrid de Hearthkeeper door armstreet

Viking Costume Dress and Apron "Ingrid the Hearthkeeper"; Linen Tunic; Linen Apron; Medieval Costume

Felicia's gorgeous dress! It really looks lovely when it's so fitted, even though (what I've learned) they probably weren't that fitted. But it's gorgeous anyway! <3

Apron Style Dresses – Home Grown Fashion For You

SPRING DISCOUNT Viking dress Freya viking apron

Viking dress; "Freya" dress; viking apron; linen dress; natural fabric; northern clothes; viking clothes; viking dress

Viking Dress with lacing on the side - made by Jeanette Cederstrom Karlsson who lives in Sweden. Picture from facebook

Ophelia is foremost a mother, and should dress like one. The costume shouldn't be glamorous but like this dress radiate authority.

DISCOUNTED PRICE! Viking Apron “Ingrid the Hearthkeeper”; Linen Apron; Medieval Apron

Viking Apron “Ingrid the Hearthkeeper”; Linen Apron; Medieval Apron

Apron dress

Costumes: Aprons – Made by Savelyeva Ekaterina. An interesting interpretation of the apron dress.