Viking Ships Museum, Copenhagen, Denmark -- I REALLY hope we have time to go here.

This is in Oslo, Norway.NOT Viking Ships Museum, Copenhagen, Denmark.there is a wonderful Viking Museum in Roskilde, NOT Copenhagen

Viking Ship Museum in Oslo, Norway: One of the many reasons to visit that amazing country

The Oseberg Ship at the Vikingskipshuset (Viking Ship Museum) Oslo - This is very cool to see in person. Oslo is definitely worth a visit.

The Lofotr Viking Museum (Lofotr Vikingmuseum) is a historical museum based on a reconstruction and archaeological excavation of a Viking chieftain's village - in Borg, Norway

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Viking Longship   The Gokstad ship, a Viking ship found in a burial mound at Gokstad farm in Sandar, Sandefjord, Vestfold, Norway.  The 9th C. ship was intended for warfare, trade, transportation of people and cargo.  At 76.2 ft long and 17.1 ft wide, built to carry 32 oarsmen, it is the largest of the remarkable three preserved at the Viking Ship Museum, Bygdøy, Oslo, Norway.

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Visit 3 Viking Museums: Viking Boat in Bergen Norway

Visit 3 Viking Museums

Free Things You Should Do in Bergen, Norway

Recreeated building associated with the Lofotr Borg Viking Museum in Norway.

The Viking territories The Lofotr Borg Viking Museum is located 55 km from the town of Svolvaer, in the Lofoten Islands.