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AD64 Vintage Marmite Advertisment Advertising Poster A3 17"x12" Re-print

реклама-Старая-смешная реклама-красивая реклама

40 Vintage (Retro) Advertisements for Inspiration

hershey's advertisement I have a Recipe Book with same boy and girl with out Cocoa box or Baking chocolate on it and it is dated Karen

Jambon - Olida original vintage food poster by artist Rene Ribet from 1925 France. French culinary poster features a woman holding a platter of meat ham on a background of a blue sky with stars.

1920's Royal Baking Powder Original Vintage Food Poster

Royal Baking Powder Gingerbread Vintage Antique Advertising Poster by Lucille Patterson Marsh

Vintage food adverts

From Bovril to Bird's custard: retro food advertisements from some of Britain's most beloved brands.

Vintage posters and small format vintage graphics from I Desire Vintage Posters. Most of the antique vintage posters are 80 or 90 years old, but many of them over 100 years of age.

Azzali Parma original Italian food poster from 1940 by Emka. Super Concentrato Di Pomodoro in Triplo. Vintage advertisement for tomato paste and canned tomatoes.