Wow!!!  Yesterday was amazing!!! And beautiful.   Thanks everyone.     Today's theme is the Bakery

Our Vintage Soul Quotes are everything, as vintage is more than just a period of time. Vintage is unique. We are vintage souls.

Yeah. I like my generation just fine, but I just often feel like I was meant for way back when.  Yes so much yes.

Young Body, Old Soul: 18 Things Every Old Soul Knows To Be True

i don't feel i was born in the wrong generation but i do believe i have an old soul

Red Gate Farm: i'm just a vintage LOVING soul

Red Gate Farm: I'm just a vintage LOVING soul. Must of been born in the wrong era.

Amazing closet!Jaw dropped!  Via Facebook - Vintage Soul Store  I think this is from my friends store,  Debbie at Vintage Soul.  She just opened a new store.  This is amazing.  Does anyone know where this store is?, and who's it is?

Shabby Armoire - created from vintage architectural bits - and - if those 2 green doors were set up "just so", they could create dressing room cubbies, or provide hidden stock storage spaces.

Quote- I love older things that people have cherished. They have personality, character, and soul. Anna Hillegass  Thrifting, upcycle, reuse, repurpose

I have always preferred filling my home with well made, unique, classic antiques versus trendy, "disposable" stuff that everyone else has from "big box stores"

I Am a Vintage Soul  Wall Art in Words Vinyl lettering Decals

Be your own kind of Beautiful, Wall Art in Words, Vinyl lettering, Decals, Quotes, Sayings, Teen Decal, Salon Quote, Bedroom Wall Decal

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old, young, and vintage image gramophone record player old soul vintage retro quote quotes music

◔‿◔ I stumbled across this lovely pin and thought you may like it for your "Vintage" board.

My Parents say I have an old soul bcs of how big I am on Vintage things and style

Bohemian style hippie chic vintage look

Bohemian style hippie chic vintage look

Vintage French Soul ~

The Bufton family has a clean, traditional style, and the home they purchased matched up with that perfectly — other than the fact that I don’t think it had seen a single update since it was built.

Ornament Tree   using some small vintage ornament hooks, Big ornaments. Little ornaments, arranging and rearranging, This is going to be around for forever with just a little minor fussing to rotate in new vintage ornaments.

Vintage ornament tree on a refurbished screen door. I love the idea of putting a frame up and changing the contents based on the holiday/season