I'm sure that my knackered foot could last the day in these little beauties!    Foxy Vivienne Westwood shoes for the big day

Hearts full of happiness: an intimate celebration in County Cork

Foxy Vivienne Westwood shoes for the big day- perfect for a romantic theme or a valentines wedding!

Vivienne Westwood s/s 2012 take on groupie platform heel.

Mega platforms from Vivienne Westwood Spring/Summer 2012 with huge frayed silk bow straps and brocade-like decorations and embroideries depicting scenes of nature in blues and pinks that would fit.

Vivienne Westwood Shoes An Exhibition 1973-2014, Thailand

Vivienne Westwood Shoes An Exhibition Thailand …


Melissa Vivienne Westwood Shoes: Snob or Slob

Sweet jeebus, I love these! Vivienne Westwood Three Straps Elevated in Gold Aurora Borealis by Melissa

Vivienne Westwood

every one need wings on their feet - white winged high heel pumps with blue pedicure (nail polish)

Vivienne Westwood mini crini

The MINI-CRINI was born in 1987 A/W Harris Tweed Collection Westwood believes that clothes were "changing the shape of the body, about having a restriction.