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Voodoo priestess Halloween make up - This is cool if you like pretty Halloween make up/ need a last minute costume, but DON'T wanna go for sugar skull :D!

Fortune teller Halloween makeup

Are you looking for easy pretty Halloween makeup ideas for women to look the best at the Halloween party? See our photo collage to pick the one that fits the Halloween costume.

Witch costume inspiration. A beautifully textured and layered faux feather cape.

Feather Cape

Halloween Feather Cape - Halloween Decorations and Decor - Traditional - Holiday Decorations - Grandin Road

Voodoo Dolls

If you are dreaming of a DARK and WICKED Christmas, then you will love these photos Crystal sent me of her shop, Gothic Rose Antiques , all .

Baron Samedi... Very impressive                                                                                                                                                     More

Morning cup of random 01/06/16 (25 photos)

Baron Samedi is a Loa of the dead and a fun charracter in this book. He sure does like his top hats, cigars, and rum.