1986 syncro Doka pick up.  I'd have one to replace the Landy.... Maybe

VW Doka Pick-Up 4 wheel drive - wauw even muscular version than my own

Photo by the incredible and talented @westfalyeah If you want to know more about the build on Ripley the Syncro head over to the link in our profile.

Our Volkswagen Vanagon Syncro was built for overland travel overseas. A four-wheel drive house, our Syncro is our home anywhere on Planet Earth.

Show me your off road inspired vans - Page 10 - VW T4 Forum - VW T5 Forum

Show me your off road inspired vans - Page 10 - VW Forum - VW Forum

VW "The Goat" for sale!

The Volkswagen Owners Club of Great Britain was formed in 1953 by a group of Volkswagen enthusiasts and ranks amongst the largest clubs in the UK today and has been confirmed by VW in Wolfsburg as the oldest VW club in the world.

VW SYNCRO: Photos Syncro t3. (Anthology).

liveworkwander: “Had a bomb time last night hanging with / at his studio wrapping up shots of Fury. In person creative collaboration is not something we get to do much given that.