Decorating a fireplace nook

Fireplace Nook + Wall Decor

My nook - Decorating nooks crannies. Idea: base coat matte, stencil in high gloss

Penny Alcove Wall

17 Penny Projects

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Splendid DIY Display Cases Design to Make A Cozy Room

A wall of recessed niches is a dramatic focal point. Contemporary Hall design by San Francisco Architect Tali Hardonag Architect.

Hall and Doors - contemporary - hall - other metros - Centennial Renovation Studio

In Feng Shui you pay attention to the journey from one room to another. This is artful and peaceful. You'll see thoughtfully decorated hallways throughout building! Like shelving & lights

Wall Niches Designs Design Ideas, Pictures, Remodel, and Decor

Wall Niche Design Ideas, Pictures, Remodel, and Decor - wall niche with stacked stone tile

I like the way they fille this space. Have this same space in my house, need to do something like this!

Renewing an Awkward Space in an Awkward Place - Scissors & Spatulas

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS MIRROR!!!  Where do I go to find one like this?!!!!!   Anyone?!!

don't love the diamonds but do love the idea of mercury glass - all the shine with less "I see me" effect

stone wall niche...what a terrific idea for the home. i don't like the lamp. skylight maybe? or open top with rocks on the ground to prevent mud going mad when it's rain

Blue stone tiled ensuite for relaxing the soul - asian - bathroom - sydney - Teal Sea Design Niche in Living room would look beautiful

I love this little Book Nook!

WA Home Rustic style may be more suitable for getaway cabin decor but little rustic accents sprinkled throughout your home works with any style. Handcrafted accents have even a bigger appeal because you ca.