Quaker Wedding Certificates

Commemorate your wedding with this beautiful custom artwork containing calligraphed vows, illustrations, and signatures of the bride, groom and guests

Star themed wedding certificate

Star themed wedding certificate - a unique and interesting concept for couples who love 'star gazing' !

gorgeous letterpress marriage certificate

Introducing the Southern Weddings Marriage Certificate

We are thrilled to introduce you to a Southern Weddings signature product: the ceremonial marriage certificate! This beautiful heirloom features elegant calligraphy and makes a wonderful wedding keeps


This elegant, decorative marriage certificate is ideal for framing and serving as a treasured memento of the special day.

Post image for Quaker Wedding Certificate for Jaci and Ben

Post image for Quaker Wedding Certificate for Jaci and Ben

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Quilled Marriage Certificates

quilled marriage certificate ann martin all things paper 2 Pretty in Paper. Quilling for Your Wedding

vows and certificate!!! love this sooo much...i may have been a Quaker in another life.

in lieu of guestbook, use a Quaker-style certificate for all attendees to sign

Quaker wedding certificate, no one officiates at a quaker marriage, just yourselves and the community.

Quaker Wedding Certificate , originally uploaded by Miss Danae . Here is a Quaker Wedding Certificate that I recently completed for a love.