Pink Weeping Cherry Tree - This is exactly the types of trees that will make the house look amazing and full of color. Description from I searched for this on

ROSE "EXCELSA" - height of 130 cm - grafted - bare rooted. One of the most famous and eagerly planted varieties of weeping roses. The flowers are carmine- pink, small, diameter of about 3 cm, rosette,very full.

Would lik an ultra-dwarf fruit tree or two (or three). Peach, plum and cherry.

Pacific Groves is a wholesale fruit tree nursery in the Pacific Northwest. We sell non-GMO bare root and ultra dwarf fruit and flowering trees, shrubs, grapes and berries

dwarf weeping cherry tree - think this is what needs to go in my front yard

Pink Snow Shower Weeping Cherry Tree Prunus x ‘Pisnshzam’ Spread Hardiness Zone Hardy to Description: A be.

Dwarf Cherry...I want!

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Care for a Weeping Cherry Tree

How to Care for a Weeping Cherry Tree. pendula) are ornamental trees that are planted for their spectacular show of pink or white spring flowers. Their gracefully weeping branches make them.

Redbuds and Cherry Trees: Harbingers of Spring — Garden Supply Co

Redbuds and Cherry Trees: Harbingers of Spring

I like the neatness of this image for the front garden. Maybe not grass, though - then I would have to cut it!

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