Weiss Schnee - V4 by einlee.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Artwork for RWBY Volume This time around, Weiss is looking more elegant but a tad more sombre as she matures and pursues her own path. I& always loved the bolero look. It& probably not obviou.

Skyrim Wiess? I can actually see her as a vigilant of stendarr or from the College

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Weiss - http://kooriiko.tumblr.com/

kooriiko: “ Weiss fanart because I dig her new design. I was already done with this drawing when the trailer was released a few days after and I saw that Weiss still has her one sided ponytail (the.

“和装ルビー!! べべとでっけえ鎌翻してあの娘 銀のおめめですいっと世間を射抜くのさ #RWBY”

すみを(RWBYつぶやき用) on

Weiss Schnee looks in this picture like a Yakuza woman. A damn pretty dangerous woman