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for sale, WE ARE ACCEPTING OFFERS! Custom made whelping/play box for Golden Retriever size. Americanlisted has classifieds in Grant Township, Michigan for watches and jewerly

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Snowstorm Golden Retrievers - Whelping Box stage 3 --- Love that Mama has a place where she can relax, but still keep an eye on her pups!

Whelping Room

You'd be amazed how often puppies want to go sometimes. Whatever you opt to feed your puppy, you must discover the puppy formula for it.

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I like how the built the stand to keep the heating lamps above the whelping pen

Whelping Box Construction Plans - lots of ideas on this page, including heaters, etc.

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Smart blog. In the sad event of losing Mum (and in the abscence of a foster mum who will take babies on) this may be a useful. I would cover the bottle in a lovely warm fabric, and keep babies in a heated whelping box.

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Whelping Box Construction Plans

Becoming a dog breeder is never something that you should do lightly, and never something that you should decide upon