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Why You Need Lots of Sleep after Stroke

oh my gosh for real!!! it takes 2 people so stop trying to make yourself look good just so you can sleep at night!

I'm not a victim but there were some very unfair things that happened . spying, the stuff with the radio, gossiping. I'm not a victim

The main protagonist and hero of the Dragon Ball manga series and animated television series created by Akira Toriyama. He is one of the survivors of the extinct Saiyan race. He was sent as a baby to planet Earth in order to destroy it. When he arrived he was a violent kid, due to his warrior nature. However, he suffered an accident which made him lose his memory. He became a kind and calm kid. Trained, he became a talented martial artist and world's greatest defender.

I dunno why, but I kinda like these new Super Saiyan colors that keep appearing. xP UPDATE I updated the colors by taking them straight from the anime.

Narcissistic sociopath relationship survivors.......

15 Inspirational Quotes To Get You Through The Week

Don't be ashamed of your story, it will inspire others. God wants us to share our testimonies.so others will know that Jesus can change ANYONE. God makes us stronger by what we go through.

Don't be ashamed of your story, it will inspire others.#Hope #motivation

Survivors of domestic violence and abuse (including psychological and emotional) should share their story so it will motivate and inspire others to escape their violent relationships.

ASTRAGALUS - The herb is promoted to kill cancer cells, reduce the toxic effects of chemotherapy, help heal burns, protect against heart disease, fight the common cold, and help improve overall weakness. Proponents also claim astragalus can stimulate the spleen, liver, lungs, circulatory, and urinary system, and help treat arthritis, asthma, and nervous conditions. They further claim it can lower blood sugar levels and blood pressure.

The American Cancer Society’s Epidemiology Research Program is inviting individuals between the ages of years who have no personal history of cancer to join the Cancer Prevention

One of the most amazing stories of any Titanic survivors, Violet Constance Jessop was an ocean liner stewardess and a nurse who survived the sinking of both the RMS Titanic and the HMHS Britannic in 1912 and 1916.

Violet Constance Jessop (October 1887 – May was an ocean liner stewardess and nurse who achieved fame by surviving the disastrous sinkings of sister ships RMS Titanic and HMHS Britannic in 1912 and 1916 respectively

Baby-Trapped: 10 things to pass the time during the night shift [stolensleep.com] Baby-Trapped: 10 things to pass the time during the night shift  Welcometo Baby-Trapped: Some thingsto entertain inspire and pass the time when your babywont go the fck to sleep  1) The Good news.  This General Election campaign is almost over!!  2) And the bad news  We might wake up tomorrow to find out we are stuck with a ConservativeGovernment for another five years.  I have to confess I dont know a great…

Welcome to Baby-Trapped: Some things to entertain, inspire and pass the time when your child won't go the f*ck to sleep

Gas lighting. Narcissistic sociopath relationship abuse....I dealt with this for almost 8 years. I'm so glad I finally broke free from the abuse #survivor #freedom

Have You Felt Crazy?? Maybe it was “Gaslighting”

I always wonder if they are delusional enough to believe all the the crap they brainwash them into believing or if they know they are just playing sick mind games? Narcissistic abuse hurts we can heal loves this Pin Thanks Abuse

Every girl wants to think of themselves as a survivor when they are out in nature, so why not make that your theme for girls camp this year. We can help you with your apparel and customized products for the girls and leaders. This design is on file and can be customized for you at any time.

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The 'Unsinkable' Molly Brown - She survived the #Titanic in lifeboat number 6 and earned her nickname because she took control of the boat, kept the women rowing for seven hours and gave her furs to keep others warm.

MARGARET TOBIN BROWN aka "The Unsinkable Molly Brown (Titanic survivor, the only woman to row a lifeboat to safety, fiercely argued w/ the quartermaster Robert Hitchens to rescue people in the water. When he refused she threatened to throw him overboard)