I love the night. I hate the sun. I wish it could be dark all the time. I could spend hours laying outside under the stars. No matter the weather.

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I love the night. I love the stars in the sky. It doesn't matter which wether it is as long as I look at the stars with you.

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I express myself better in writing than out loud; its too bad that when I was young I wasnt allowed to hav a journal becuase my parents have no privacy or respect. I believe thats Y I hav trouble expressing my feelings.

i'm always making up stories in my head- and that's who i am

I could make a book of short stories with all the things I have come up with in my head. I am a living book.

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One of my favorite things, ever. Especially chocolate brownie ice cream and peanut butter chocolate ice cream.--- My favorites are Cookie dough and chocolate mint ice cream.

I Can Never Control My Laughter and That's Who I Am

Rainy Day Photography: 35 Dazzling Examples

Behind every successful women is a best friend given her crazy ideas. (I'm the best friend that gives the crazy ideas, that become memories and life long stories)

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I am a very huge fan of chocolate. It really doesn't matter what kind but I LOVE chocolate!

and that's who I am.

I don't why worry so much. I guess I care too much. I worry about everybody. I worry about them too, but not as much as my family, and friends.

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Oh golly I get told all the time by T that I am super stubborn.and that's who I am

The Actual Difference Between Women Who Are Hot And Who Are Beautiful

The Actual Difference Between Women Who Are Hot And Who Are Beautiful

ph: Marija Kovac 1 year, 1 month, and 10 days ago me and my current boyfriend started dating. It’s a long distance relationship, though, .

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nervous wreck when I try to make friends and always fear annoying new friends so it takes forever for things to develop and often still have nerves

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That's my little fact. This is so true even though when I was little I had long blonde hair with bangs. Now I have long, brown hair with no bangs.

Bahahahaha OMG this totally made me think of me n u. Gotta love the sleepy times! bahahaha!

some of these are really random, who doesn't like sleeping? and this one should say "i love sleeping".

...the dog lady, and that's just who I am. Dogs make the best unconditional companions.

These puppies are trying to melt your heart (45 photos)

Endless and unforgettable, road trips are an unbelievable experience!

39 of the world’s most inspiring routes for road trips [PICs]

when i don't get car sick. lol but yeah i LOVE car rides with the radio up. my mom calls me a lap dog cause i always wanna go in the car

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I do love campfires. I love spending time around a campfire with my friends, and my family. And the love if my life