Thank you to all the fire fighters you risk their lives for us each fire season.  May God bless you all.

The fire blazed, spreading to other wild life." You stared in shock. You had ash on you. You were scared to go up to the flaming Phoenix.

This series is incredible. Click. Through. (From Firewatch by the Swedish artist, Mats Pettersson).

This series is incredible. (From Firewatch by the Swedish artist, Mats Pettersson).

"That was many years ago, twenty years or more, and during this time Okonkwwo's fame had grown like a bush-fire in harmattan."(3). Because the igbo village of Mbaino is an agricultural society, planting and harvesting crops as their main source of food, their connection to the land and nature is strong. using a bush-fire during the dry season to describe Okonkwo's fame reveals that the Igbo villagers very closely align themeselves with nature and depend on it for success and survival.

"That was many years ago, twenty years or more, and during this time Okonkwwo's…

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aug have 2 major fires near acres near oroville threatnin 1500 homes some lost & past weaverville both sides of 299 1500 acres

30 Heart-Wrenching #NaturalDisasters Photographs. Campo, Colorado fire.

a hillside burns in Lolo National Forest, 30 miles west of Missoula, Montana. August This image can be purchased for use from GettyImages.

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Blazing Flames Create Stunning Landscapes - My Modern Metropolis

Pyrocumulonimbus formed by wild fire - Pole Creek, Oregon

Photo by Lara Matthews: A crazy amazing picture of the Pole Creek fire near Bend. High winds blew it up from 1500 acres to 4200 acres in a matter of hours.

"I've been burning up like a wild fire, wishing you would just say, say, say you're mine"

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