Wild strawberries

Wild strawberries - Although small and hard to find, these berries are well worth the search. They are bursting with flavour and best eaten straight from the plant. They can be found on grassy banks and in open woodland, low on the ground. The leaves are grouped in threes and are toothed and shiny.

wild strawberries - small and hard to find but well worth the search: sweet, fragrant, bursting with flavor.

wild strawberry

Along with strawberries, I remember walking through the woods with my mom picking wild peppermint, spearmint and bayberry. Do you remember bayberry gum?

Growing Wild Strawberries:  I thought the taste of them was far superior to anything you buy at the store.  Just don't get too excited and pick them early, let them get ripe (just pry the little animals don't get them first).

Cultivating Wild Strawberries: How To Grow Wild Strawberry Plant

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Strawberry picking to gather strawberries for cocktails and cake, take a couple of instax cameras with us

wild strawberry Fragaria vesca Drink tea of wild strawberry leaves to help combat diarrhea. I have used this and it works

Wild Strawberry Medicinal Uses and Health Benefits

Information on the therapeutic uses, benefits, traditional and historical uses, active substances and side effects of wild strawberry (Fragaria vesca)