Sir William Russell Flint (1880 - 1969) - Clarissa Fishing - Watercolor; Flint was a Scottish artist who was known for his watercolor paintings.

Flint, William Russell - a Scottish artist who was known for his watercolor paintings; president of Britain’s Royal Society of Painters in Watercolors (now the Royal Watercolor Society) from 1936 to and knighted in

Gurney Journey: Russell Flint in Action

‘Le morte d'Arthur - the history of King Arthur and of his noble knights of the round table, volume II’ by Sir Thomas Malory; illustrated by William Russell Flint. Published 1921 by The Medici.

William Russell Flint – Le Morte D’Arthur

Sir William Russell Flint- Illustration for “Le Morte D’Arthur: The History of King Arthur and His Noble Knights of the Round Table”, by Sir Thomas Malory, 1935 ericusrex: Le morte d’Arthur - William Russel Flint

William Russell Flint, "Judith, by hir good conseil, delivered the citee of Bethulie, / in which she dwelled, out of the handes of Olofernus (Tale of Melibeus)", from: "The Canterbury Tales of Geoffrey Chaucer: Illustrated after Drawings by W. Russell Flint", p. 201, illustration, 1913

"Judith, by hir good conseil, delivered the citee of Bethulie, ." From Geoffrey Chaucer's "The Canterbury Tales"; illustrated after drawings by William Russell Flint

William Russell Flint, Sunlit Shadows

William Russell Flint - those amazingly subtle reflections of light on water

Antoinette's Alley, Vaugelas, Sir William Russell Flint

Official web site for the water colour artist Sir William Russell Flint. The site includes a gallery of collectors prints and the latest limited edition prints.

William Russell Flint's  “Le Morte D'Arthur”

William Russell Flint illustration for Le morte Darthur; ‘I am a gentlewoman that useth here in this forest hunting, and God knoweth I saw ye not; but as here was a barren hind at the soil in this well, and I weened to have done well, but my hand.

Le Morte d’Arthur (1910/1911) - Art by William Russell Flint

They fought for the love of one lady, and ever she lay on the walls and beheld them by: Sir W. Russell Flint (Artist) from: Le Morte Darthur: The History of King Arthur and his Noble Knights of the Round Table (Facing p.

William Russell Flint - Phillida-and-Clarissa-fishing

William Russell Flint - Phillida-and-Clarissa-fishing - Sir William Russell Flint - Terra Incognita.