Gorgeous barn board clock by asinglesparrow on Etsy,

WRITERS PROMPT: What would this massive barn clock reveal, I asked myself? I had a deadline and I had to get the story before another magazine got wind of it, so I began with.

my grandmother had these in every room..she even got me one...lol

Big Ben Alarm Clock, everyone had one! I can remember hearing my mom wind this alarm clock every night.

Hickory Dickory Dock Tuff Spot | http://adventuresofadam.co.uk/hickory-dickory-dock-tuff-spot/

Hickory Dickory Dock Tuff Spot

Adventures of Adam Hickory Dickory Dock Tuff Spot Adventures of Adam

Impressions - 'Dr. Takahashi' | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

If I can get this lego set I will happily spend however long it takes to build it.

i'm pretty sure my family has this clock...and one day i will sneak it out of the house with me.

Fantastic Big Ben Alarm Clock - Vintage Decor - cool use of old books with the Big Ben

A stunning piece, this beautiful large clock is an impressive addition to any room. This clock is modeled after European cathedrals of the 12th-16th Centuries. It features the gothic arches and ornaments that typify the style. This is a large and striking piece and is a centerpiece of art and design. There are very few …

Christophe - Musical, 8-Day, 1-Wind, Gothic Design, Cuckoo with Moving Wings, Dancers 8366

Fantasy Wire Fairies Sculptures. Fairy being blown along by the wind while holding on to a dandelion clock.

40 Extraordinary Line And Wire Sculptures

Rare Swiss Art Deco Fan-Shaped Auto Wind Eight-Day Mechanical Travel Clock.

View this item and discover similar clocks for sale at - This rare Swiss Art Deco Travel Clock was manufactured for the English market and is auto-wound by opening and shutting the case.