Design editor Kai Ethier shares ideas for small space holiday decor, like Christmas trees, window displays, candles and more.

How To Decorate A Small Space For The Holidays

Xmas has arrived at our Rust Yarmouth shop, oh yes indeed! The reason we jumped at the chance to get our mitts on this shop was because .

Yelena Bryksenkova’s Beautiful Hand-Cut Window Display in Montreal

Yelena Bryksenkova's Beautiful Hand-Cut Window Display

instalacion espacio colores como facu local tramando hilos lana lineas Yarn Installation, Window display

Discover thousands of images about Yarn Installation, Window display. Lots of fun in this link including sticky note in window.

Colour Window Display 2014 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

I think someday i want to design store displays. Colour Window Display Visual Merchandising Arts at Seneca's School of Fashion.

Common Ground: Visual Valentines

Banana Republic's valentine window display printed, cut and threaded by the crafty Harlequin team with Harlequin Design

Valentine window display                                                                                                                                                                                 More

55+ White Wedding Ideas for Romantic Wedding

hanging old watering cans with flowers

10 Creative Ways to Display Your Flowers

hanging old watering cans with flowers - a good idea for a spring display. The watering cans could be spray painted in pastel colours to add to the spring theme.

Anthropologie window displays

TodayI…Admire Anthropologie’s Window Displays

Different source for a coffee filter backdrop, in case your other pin was spam. Life as a Pepin: Coffee Filter Backdrop

Harrods Christmas Windows, 2014 | Chloé by Millington Associates

LIVING ROOM on both sides of living room patio glass doors, with uprights and maybe stringed white lights thru them with a LARGE white weathered star in the center.