18 Witty Halloween Costumes That Deserve an Internet High Five

Tech Decks - 18 Witty Halloween Costumes That Deserve an Internet High Five

Easy-peasy fantasy football costume! Ranging from the 5 minute costume to some that will take a little more planning, these adult Halloween costumes are bound to get a few laughs at the party. Get inspired by the following Halloween costume ideas and don’t settle for  a disappointing and unoriginal costume – why feel like a weeny on Halloweeny? - See more at: http://blog.nextdayflyers.com/22-easy-funny-halloween-costume-ideas-2014

Halloween is fast approaching, which means it's time to start thinking about your costume. But have no fear! If you love a good pun and are on a budget, I have 30 easy DIY costumes ideas that will have everyone impressed. Cereal Killer Who wants to.

The 17 Most Clever Pun Costumes That Will Get All The Laughs On Halloween

What's better than a fun Halloween costume? A clever pun Halloween costume. Check out these witty wordplay costume ideas.

DIY costumes foodies will go nuts for (hint: one is kale)

DIY costumes foodies will go nuts for (hint: one is kale)

Being a foodie is a year-round commitment, but it can be especially difficult to find a witty Halloween costume during prime pumpkin-spice-everything season.

8 Easy Halloween Costumes That Will Win You ALL The Compliments #refinery29  http://www.refinery29.com/simple-easy-halloween-costumes#slide-3  The Great Llama Escape Of 2015We truly hope you had only just forgotten about this delightful moment, so we have the honor and the privilege to remind you of its greatness: Earlier this year, two llamas — one black, one white — ran away f...

16 Halloween Costumes You Can Totally Make Yourself

Pig in a Blanket | 23 Halloween Costume Ideas For The Pun-Lover In You

Pig in a Blanket

Long live Hodor! Pay homage to everyone's favorite Game of Thrones character with this witty DIY Halloween costume.

This Clever Game of Thrones Costume Idea Will Make People Laugh or Cry

These punny costumes will make all your friends laugh this Halloween.

43 "Punny" Halloween Costumes That Won't Break the Bank

Life of the Party: Pull out those leftover party decorations and hang a Life cereal box around your neck. Make sure you're the one to get the party started!