Wolfman Jack! ~DJ~ Oh my ! I would listen so quietly to his songs on my transitor radio when he came on late at night (no one knew what he looked like and we didn't know where the radio station was located where he was broadcasting from) We just knew he was playing the best music ever !

I used to listen to Wolfman when I was a pre-teenager in the

Wolfman Jack - Greatest DJ ever. Friday nights with the Wolfman. Take me back to the good ole days & Midnight Special.

Wolfman Jack Bio

Wolfman Jack...Let the Midnight Special, shine it's ever lovin' light on you.

The Midnight Special - hosted by DJ Wolfman Jack (Robert Weston Smith)

Dick Clark interviews Wolfman Jack on American Bandstand. Clark asks him about his voice, his family, and takes questions from the audience.

Richard Weston "Wolfman Jack" Smith- January 1938 to July Smith Family Estate, Belvidere, North Carolina.

Wolfman Jack ~~ Born Robert Weston Smith January 1938 Brooklyn, New York, US Died July 1995 (aged Belvidere, North Carolina, US