2.  Historic American Buildings Survey Richard Koch, Photographer September, 1936 NORTH ELEVATION - Woodlawn Plantation, State Highway 77, Napoleonville, Assumption Parish, LA

Another view of Woodland Plantation. Once stood on Bayou Lafourche. The brother of the builder built Madewood Plantation, which still stands and is open for tours.

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Woodlawn Plantation is a historic home located in Fairfax County, Virginia, and was originally a part of Mount Vernon, George Washington's historic plantation estate.

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MADEWOOD PLANTATION, Napoleonville, Louisiana built for the Thomas Pugh family in 1845 . Setting for movies- "A Woman Called Moses" and "Sister,Sister. The Pugh family eventually owned 13 plantations and 2000 slaves.

Woodlawn Plantation  Belle Chase Louisiana 1935

vintagenola: “ Woodlawn Plantation - Belle Chasse, LA - 1935 Via Walker Evans & Ogden Museum of Southern Art ”

Assumption Parish, Louisiana, 1938. “Woodlawn Plantation  This is in a book I have, "Lost Plantations of the South"... I'm so in love with it and so sad it is no longer standing :(

In Assumption Parish, Louisiana, "Woodlawn Plantation, . Built 1835 by Col. Pugh, first superintendent of schools in Louisiana." {text by Frances Benjamin Johnston}.

Walking down the road along Bayou Lafourche...you come to deserted Woodlawn Plantation....sadly, this beautiful house no longer exist...

Walking down the road along Bayou Lafourche.you come to deserted Woodlawn Plantation.sadly, this beautiful house no longer exist.